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My Latest Projects

I have gathered several years' worth of experience in multiple academic and industrial projects; some of them are introduced in the following (till the time that I was studying PhD at UT).


The PRIViLEDGE is a new H2020 project which is going to be done by several top European universities, where University of Tartu is one of the participants. Tartu is mostly active in privacy-enhancing primitives and blockchain. We have previous expertise in the area of SNARKs and decreasing trust model needed to construct them. We also are interested in the use of blockchain as a TTP and Read More.


The Panoramix is an H2020 project which is going to be done by nine top European universities, where University of Tartu is one of the participants. The objective of the PANORAMIX project is the development of a multipurpose infrastructure for privacy-preserving communications based on "mix-nets" and its integration into applications that can be exploited by European...Read More.

Security Eavaluation of a Real E-Voting

As the voting process and election is the most fundamental requirements of a democratic society, so the election should be based on secure and confidential methods. In this project, we investigated the procedure of an election from the point of security and privacy views. We had a great team working under supervision of Dr. Shahram Khazaei at Dept. of Math. of Sharif University of Technology.

RFID for IoT Systems

Recently, great potential of RFID systems has made them a popular candidate for different environments of IoT. In this project, we focused on analyzing some novel authentication protocols which have proposed for different application of RFID and then proposed efficient and secure version of them. This project was under supervision of Dr. Shahram Khazaei at Sharif University of Tech. and its results have reported in two papers (see my publications).

Security for EPC Tags

Over the past decade, Electronic Product Code Class 1 Gen 2 (EPC C1 G2) has established itself as the popular standard for UHF implementations across multiple sectors, and is at the heart of more and more RFID implementations. In this project we analyzed several RFID authentication protocols which were under EPC C1 G2 standard.

BER of Digital Modulation Schemes

The goal of this project was comparing the performance of various digital modulation schemes in both Base-band and Middle-band AWGN communication channel. To this end, we simulated Bit Error Rate (BER) of large number of schemes (AM, FM, PSK, FSK, BPSK, QPSK, QAM,...) in the two mentioned settings in the MATLAB spftware.

Error Correction Codes

In this project, we simulated the performance of several common error correction codes including Turbo, Reed Salomon & Convolutional Coding in the AWGN communication channel.