photo Marlon Dumas

Professor of Information Systems
Software Engineering & Information Systems Group
Institute of Computer Science
University of Tartu, Estonia

Institute of Computer Science
University of Tartu
J Liivi 2
Tartu 50409, Estonia

Telephone: +372 737 5473
Fax: +372 737 5468
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Most of my lecture notes, lab notes and lecture video recordings are available via the links below. Please enjoy!

I am a co-author of the textbook Fundamentals of Business Process Management (see also the companion web site) and co-instructor of two MOOCs: Business Process Management: An Introduction to Process Thinking and Fundamentals of BPM.


I conduct research in the field of information systems engineering, with a focus on business process management, process mining, and business data analytics. My long-term obsession is to develop methods and tools for automated discovery of business process improvement opportunities both at design-time and at runtime. This includes automated methods for resource optimization, flow optimization and decision optimization in business processes, as well as predictive monitoring of business processes. My ongoing research is mainly funded by an ERC Advanced Grant (PIX Project)

Note to prospective PhD students. I always welcome expressions of interest from prospective PhD students (and also from prospective postdocs). If you are have a strong background in algorithms, machine learning and/or optimization, you are a deep thinker, and you are passionate about applying your skills and deep thinking to solve relevant problems, please contact me.

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I am also Strategic Area Leader at the Software Technologies and Applications Competence Centre (STACC). STACC is an industry-focused research centre that brings together Estonia's two major universities and 10 companies with the aim of conducting industry-driven research in data analytics. I oversee all STACC activities related to data analytics for software and systems optimization.

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About Me

I was born in Honduras, a relatively small country located in Central America, which caters visitors with uncrowded and magnificent beaches, tropical natural parks and vestiges of the Mayan culture. Curious? Check this travel guide! I studied in Grenoble, France and after graduating, spent a few years in Brisbane Australia. For reasons that I am yet to determine, I then decided to trade the sun for the gloom by moving to Tartu, Estonia. Where next?