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FLLE.00.002 Introduction in to Southern-Estonian Literature 2
08/09 A full-t.
FLLE.00.003 Setu Tradition (registered) 2
FLLE.00.004 South Estonian Folklore 2
08/09 A full-t.
FLLE.00.005 The history and ethnology of Southern Estonia (registered) 4
FLLE.00.006 South Estonian II 2
07/08 S full-t.
08/09 S full-t.
FLLE.00.007 South Estonian I 2
08/09 A full-t.
FLLE.00.008 South Estonian Cultural History 2
07/08 S full-t.
FLLE.00.009 Modern Southern-Estonian Literature 1
08/09 S full-t.
FLLE.00.010 History of the South Estonian Literary Language 2
08/09 A full-t.
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