Kristjan Kannike

Kristjan Kannike

I am a researcher at the laboratory of high energy and computational physics at the NICPB (Estonia), where I am doing theoretical particle physics. Lately I have been interested in inflation, Coleman-Weinberg symmetry breaking, and dark matter.


More important articles I have co-authored are

  1. Impact of semi-annihilations on dark matter phenomenology – an example of ZN symmetric scalar dark matter. G. Bélanger, K. Kannike, A. Pukhov, M. Raidal. arXiv:1202.2962 [hep-ph].
  2. Implications of the 125 GeV Higgs boson for scalar dark matter and for the CMSSM phenomenology. M. Kadastik, K. Kannike, A. Racioppi, M. Raidal. arXiv:1112.3647 [hep-ph].
  3. Anthropic solution to the magnetic muon anomaly: the charged see-saw. Kristjan Kannike, Martti Raidal, David M. Straub, Alessandro Strumia. arXiv:1111.2551v2 [hep-ph].
  4. Symmetryless Dark Matter. Yuji Kajiyama, Kristjan Kannike, Martti Raidal. arXiv:1111.1270v1 [hep-ph].
  5. Direct detection and CMB constraints on light DM scenario of top quark asymmetry and dijet excess at Tevatron. Andi Hektor, Gert Hütsi, Mario Kadastik, Kristjan Kannike, Martti Raidal, David M. Straub. Phys.Rev.D84:031701,2011. arXiv:1105.5644 [hep-ph].
  6. New Solution for Neutrino Masses and Leptogenesis in Adjoint SU(5). Kristjan Kannike, Dmitry Zhuridov. JHEP 1107:102,2011. arXiv:1105.4546 [hep-ph].
  7. M. Kadastik, K. Kannike, A. Racioppi, M. Raidal. Implications of the CDMS result on Dark Matter and LHC physics. Phys.Lett. B694 (2010) 242-245. arXiv:0912.3797 [hep-ph].
  8. M. Kadastik, K. Kannike, A. Racioppi, M. Raidal. EWSB from the soft portal into Dark Matter and prediction for direct detection. Phys.Rev.Lett.104:201301,2010. arXiv:0912.2729 [hep-ph].
  9. M. Kadastik, K. Kannike, M. Raidal. Dark Matter as the signal of Grand Unification. Phys.Rev.D80:085020,2009, Erratum-ibid.D81:029903,2010. arXiv:0907.1894 [hep-ph].
  10. M. Kadastik, K. Kannike, M. Raidal. Matter parity as the origin of scalar Dark Matter. Phys.Rev.D81:015002,2010. arXiv:0903.2475 [hep-ph].
  11. Thomas Hambye, Kristjan Kannike, Ernest Ma, and Martti Raidal. Emanations of Dark Matter: Muon Anomalous Magnetic Moment, Radiative Neutrino Mass, and Novel Leptogenesis at the TeV Scale. Phys.Rev.D75:095003 (2007) arXiv:hep-ph/0609228.
  12. John Ellis, Andi Hektor, Mario Kadastik, Kristjan Kannike, Martti Raidal. Running of Low-Energy Neutrino Masses, Mixing Angles and CP Violation. Phys.Lett. B631 (2005) 32-41. arXiv:hep-ph/0506122.

I have written articles to the Estonian popular scientific magazine Horisont (Horizon) about particle physics and the LHC accelerator, dark energy and chameleon fields, and Boltzmann brains.


For a change, I have translated three books from English into Estonian.

In the suggestive The Unlimited Dream Company by J. G. Ballard (in Estonian: Unenägude täisühing, Varrak, 2003), a pilot crashes with his plane into Thames and turns, as some Pagan redeemer, a bland London suburb into tropical paradise.

The one and only novel by Carl Sagan, Contact (in Estonian: Kontakt, Varrak, 2006), describes receiving a message from outer space and first contact between the mankind and other civilizations. Unlike most science fiction writers, Sagan knew his topic well as an astronomer and pioneer of SETI, and wrote a novel of good style and believable psychology.

John Updike’s Rabbit, Run, (in Estonian: Jookse, Jänku, Varrak, 2009) shows the changing America of fifties through the life of a former high school basketball ace. The best times are past for Harry “Rabbit” Angstrom and he is seized by disquietness.

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