Estonian and Latvian Computer Scientists - Ordered by Citations

Estonian and Latvian Computer Scientists - Ordered by Citations

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Disclaimer 2. Do not take those numbers too seriously without actually studying how Google collects the citations. Moreover, bear in mind that citations differ significantly in subfields of computer science, with practical areas getting a bulk of the citations. Also, for some of the authors, a majority of citations comes from authored textbooks, or even worse, from self-citations. Thus, be careful.

Note: "cites per #authors" divides the number of citations each paper has got by the number of authors it has. This increases fairness in interdisciplinary comparisons (e.g., papers in biology have 20+ coauthors and thousands of citations, papers in mathematics have 1 author and tens of citations). We note that this parameter is not perfect, since Google Scholar omits some authors in their page, but the same is also true in say the "Publish and Perish" program.

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Greyed out persons do only partially belong to this table (for various reasons), or they have namesakes that contribute to majority of their citations.
InstitutionCites per authorCites per author (2005+) CitesRecent (2005+)
1.UT.ATI 26784179477306749384
2.University of Latvia 1107960832446215438
3.UK.EBI 951843203042712679
4.RTU 3284275568055682
5.Cybernetica AS 3018200967444642
6. 2453198059165005
7.USA.Microsoft 2416181857474299
8.TTU.ATI 2542141070594359
9.UK.Oxford 1368129036703474
10.TTU.IT 1756128632402398
11.UT.TUIT 1191111026452436
12.TTU.IOC.CS 190895635601994
13.TLU 116186228592363
14.USA.Philips Research 84984123062298
15.TTU.DCC 121179927411989
16.Austria.Nuance Communications 74366718731601
17.Sweden.Blekinge IT 62560914721452
18.IOC.CC 75259417791378
19.UK.Southampton 61250819331534
20.TTU.ELIN 71949021081482
21.TTU.Biorobotics 59442216121281
22.USA.Google 384384914914
23.Sweden.KTH 88737020471072
24.Switzerland.Google 375356873800
25.USA.MIT 4943411309964
26.Navirec 33133111591159
27.KTH 3962911071850
28.Pittsburgh 924277976280
29.USA.Altusys 6982521350482
30.SEB 702247773318
31.TTU 238234341333
32.IOC.CS 496201955497
33.Retired 23161893764314
34.USA.Naval Postgraduate School 5561701271376
35.EDI 297166475215
36.UK.Cambridge 228156512527
37.Finland.Pori 167152540486
38.UK.Bristol 156148478456
39.TTU.CS 8681471489450
40.Russia.Moscow State University 655145669159
41.Canada.UBC 14861223488181
42.Luxembourg.PRC Henri Tudor 160119458353
43.Zeroturnaround 117116251250
44.Skype 116110254246
45.CCEIV 12395299218
46.Maryland 28989971343
47.TTU.IOC.CC 10589280247
48.EBS 12684180131
49.Australian National University 7878170170
50.KKP 11175247208
51.GuardTime 10868313219
52.UT.CL 22967430129
53.USA.Sacred Heart U. 557661161112
54.? 1196013778
55.IOC 21359490141
56.Finland.Aalto 21450508163
57.TTU.Biorobootika 5843199143
58.RITI 694217089
59.Fujitsu Services 43388575
60.Sweden.Stockholm University 149833227051
61.USA.UCSD 32329090
62.Norway.Tromsø 553011667
63.U Amsterdam 29299898
64.Western Michigan 902221472
65.Karlsruhe 522210953
66.Qubalt 862117576
67.DailyPerfect 321810854