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Finnish Computer Scientists - Ordered by Citations

Finnish Computer Scientists - Ordered by Citations

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Disclaimer 2. Do not take those numbers too seriously without actually studying how Google collects the citations. Moreover, bear in mind that citations differ significantly in subfields of computer science, with practical areas getting a bulk of the citations. Also, for some of the authors, a majority of citations comes from authored textbooks, or even worse, from self-citations. Thus, be careful.

Note: "cites per #authors" divides the number of citations each paper has got by the number of authors it has. This increases fairness in interdisciplinary comparisons (e.g., papers in biology have 20+ coauthors and thousands of citations, papers in mathematics have 1 author and tens of citations). We note that this parameter is not perfect, since Google Scholar omits some authors in their page, but the same is also true in say the "Publish and Perish" program.

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Greyed out persons do only partially belong to this table (for various reasons), or they have namesakes that contribute to majority of their citations.
NameInstitutionCites per #authorsCites per #authors (2005+)CitesRecent (2005+)H-IndexH-Index (2005+)Google citationsBirthdayThesis
1.Alessandro FoiTampere UT2315 ( 31%)2276 ( 31%)7475732530297520
2.Tuomas VirtanenTampere UT2557 ( 48%)1736 ( 51%)5367339137293936
3.Jari KangasTampere UT1738 ( 37%)75 ( 30%)47042502994732Ca. 1964On the Analysis of Pattern Sequences by Self-Organizing Maps (HUT, 1994)
4.Antti ValmariTampere UT3465 ( 88%)141 ( 57%)39472452690
5.Olli Yli-HarjaTampere UT1056 ( 27%)691 ( 26%)3866266332280
Helger LipmaaEstonia.U Tartu1944 ( 56%)922 ( 65%)3486142027193522xx.04.1972Secure and Efficient Time-Stamping Systems (U. of Tartu, 1999)
6.Mikko ValkamaTampere UT997 ( 33%)679 ( 31%)3055222325223128
7.Tommi MikkonenTampere UT1255 ( 49%)744 ( 40%)2578187525232635
8.Kai KoskimiesTampere UT824 ( 39%)171 ( 35%)209648724130xx.03.1950
9.Reino Kurki-SuonioTampere UT1000 ( 60%)89 ( 97%)1655921920xx.??.1937
10.Hannu-Matti JrvinenTampere UT328 ( 36%)253 ( 35%)9067251041228
11.Pasi PorkkaTampere UT190 ( 26%)23 ( 29%)7387774701
12.Tapio ElomaaTampere UT377 ( 52%)84 ( 49%)723171137813
13.Pekka HaavistoTampere UT49 ( 44%)10 ( 53%)1111962