Finnish Computer Scientists - Ordered by Citations

Finnish Computer Scientists - Ordered by Citations

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Disclaimer: All information has been gathered from public sources. If you want to add or delete some information about you, please email me. I do this all from my free time. But I welcome information that will help me in updating this page.

Disclaimer 2. Do not take those numbers too seriously without actually studying how Google collects the citations. Moreover, bear in mind that citations differ significantly in subfields of computer science, with practical areas getting a bulk of the citations. Also, for some of the authors, a majority of citations comes from authored textbooks, or even worse, from self-citations. Thus, be careful.

Note: "cites per #authors" divides the number of citations each paper has got by the number of authors it has. This increases fairness in interdisciplinary comparisons (e.g., papers in biology have 20+ coauthors and thousands of citations, papers in mathematics have 1 author and tens of citations). We note that this parameter is not perfect, since Google Scholar omits some authors in their page, but the same is also true in say the "Publish and Perish" program.

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Institutions with less than 600 citations or less than 200 recent citations are not displayed (this can adjusted with url suffix "&cutoff=xxx&rcutoff=xxx"). Added sorting by H-Index.


Greyed out persons do only partially belong to this table (for various reasons), or they have namesakes that contribute to majority of their citations.
InstitutionCites per authorCites per author (2005+)Cites Recent (2005+)
1.Aalto.CS 751262979119628487225
2.U Helsinki 710111921614844149668
3.Oulu 38146119819184032751
4.Retired 318711882672774587
5.Turku 1599690684764230572
6.Åbo Akademi 1605158633962119070
7.Tampere UT 1615169723722119543
8.USA.Pegasystems 11694528325351190
9.UEF 1395377793221619081
10. 1096858532736215421
11.USA.CWRU 114353222247608098
12.USA.MIT 86492323230156233
13.Turku.math 118253697206716386
14.U Tampere 78302235198287121
15.USA.CMU 97412252171135197
16.Vaasa 75863181150678721
17.USA.U Texas Austin 74441613147203968
18.Aalto.COMNET 5635847130892305
19.Aalto.Signal Processing And Accustics 2988925100463475
20.Aalto.SPL 2803166377844967
21.HKKK 346258777261437
22.Senseg 2554144574054911
23.Xtract Ltd 22831617191635
24.Italy.Bozen-Bolzano 2401153267274636
25.Jyväskylä 257092966843118
26.HIIT 40751526003430
27.Aalto.Media 226959757081727
28.USA.NVIDIA 168156048381889
29.SSH 195279546261588
30.Avoltus Oy 1692574562255
31.Aalto.LCE 187748944021392
32.USA.Harvard 100895639303813
33.NVidia 1589132638623295
34.USA.Motorola 22941703735623
35.Germany.MPI Saarbrücken 108392437063195
36.USA.Global Technology C 10031183606460
37.Australian NU 1730953592222
38.Aalto.Netlab 138054734961338
39.Sweden.KTH 114740434281325
40.NYU 23334013308506
41.Finland.Aalto 11951022960271
42.Helia 953952859307
43.Aalto.SOBERIT 124588728452049
44.Poplatek Oy 114996627402341
45.Kuopio 106736525751029
46.Lappenranta UT 79746123611455
47.U Arizona 9592922295872
48.Aalto.? 73639522311224
49.Spain.UPC 14121622130412
50.USA.Nokia 80038619991090
51.Sweden.Chalmers 13024841885967
52.U of Copenhagen 7791291802332
53.Playdemic Limited 11276601726953
54.#Åbo Akademi 458651531246
55.Aalto.math 6603921505985
56.USA.Rutgers 50747514751440
57.VTT 4641201454408
58.Mexico.UANL 1266124314101365
59.Jyväskylá 5231721320652
60.USA.Texas A&M 4602331301742
61.Aalto.Comnet 3931551117586
62.KTH.statistics 5711741096439
63.Salto.DMT 4311871044528
64.Huawei Finland 41481982347
65.Pori School of T&E 339179709399