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Public-Key Cryptography PKC Based on Some Special Mathematical Structures
Public-Key Encryption Theory of PKC Threshold Encryption Braid Groups Elliptic Curves Pairings Multilinear Maps Class Groups Lattice Based Crypto & Lattice Reduction
Signature schemes Other public-key primitives
Undeniable Signatures Group Signatures Trapdoor Signatures Commitment Pseudorandom Generators
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Identification Schemes Password-Authenticated Key Exchange Zero-Knowledge Proofs of knowledge Mixnets/Shuffles
Cryptographic Protocols Protocols on large data-sets
E-Cash E-Auctions Traitor Tracing/Broacast Encryption Electronic Voting Fair Exchange Oblivious Transfer and Private Information Retrieval Private Search Privacy-Preserving Data mining
Infrastructure Protocols Practical Aspects
Time-Stamping Public Key Infrastructure Countermeasures to DoS Implementations Software Hardware Mobile Devices Smartcards Internet Cryptography Standards Law Patents
Secure Computation & Foundations Formal Methods, Various Security Models
Two-Party Computations Multi-Party Computations Secret Sharing Security in Malicious Model Information-Theoretic Cryptography Random Oracle Model Generic Group Model Authentication Logic Universal Composability Leakage Impossibility Results
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