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Cryptographic Randomized Response Techniques

Andris Ambainis, Markus Jakobsson and Helger Lipmaa. Cryptographic Randomized Response Techniques. In Feng Bao, Robert H. Deng and Jianying Zhou, editors, PKC 2004, volume 2947 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 425--438, Singapore, March 1--4, 2004. Springer, Heidelberg.

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We develop cryptographically secure techniques to guarantee unconditional privacy for respondents to polls. Our constructions are efficient and practical, and are shown not to allow cheating respondents to affect the `tally'' by more than their own vote---which will be given the exact same weight as that of other respondents. We demonstrate solutions to this problem based on both traditional cryptographic techniques and quantum cryptography..

Keywords: Binary symmetric channel, oblivious transfer, polling, privacy, privacy-preserving data-mining, randomized response technique.


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