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Efficient Culpably Sound NIZK Shuffle Argument without Random Oracles

Prastudy Fauzi and Helger Lipmaa. Efficient Culpably Sound NIZK Shuffle Argument without Random Oracles. In Kazue Sako, editor, CT-RSA 2016, volume 9610 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 200--216, San Franscisco, CA, USA, February 29--March 4, 2016. Springer, Heidelberg.

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One way to guarantee security against malicious voting servers is to use NIZK shuffle arguments. Up to now, only two NIZK shuffle arguments in the CRS model have been proposed. Both arguments are relatively inefficient compared to known random oracle based arguments. We propose a new, more efficient, shuffle argument in the CRS model. Importantly, its online prover's computational complexity is dominated by only two $(n + 1)$-wide multi-exponentiations, where $n$ is the number of ciphertexts. Compared to the previously fastest argument by Lipmaa and Zhang, it satisfies a stronger notion of soundness.

Keywords: Bilinear pairings, CRS model, mix-net, non-interactive zero knowledge, shuffle argument.


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