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New Communication-Efficient Oblivious Transfer Protocols Based on Pairings

Helger Lipmaa. New Communication-Efficient Oblivious Transfer Protocols Based on Pairings. In Tzong-Chen Wu and Chin-Laung Lei, editors, 11th Information Security Conference, ISC 2008, volume 5222 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 441--454, Taipei, Taiwan, September 15--18, 2008. Springer, Heidelberg.

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We construct two simple families of two-message $(n,1)$-oblivious transfer protocols based on degree-$ t $ homomorphic cryptosystems with the communication of respectively $1+ \lceil n/t ceil $ and $3 + \lceil n / (t+1) ceil $ ciphertexts. The construction of both families relies on efficient cryptocomputable conditional disclosure of secret protocols; the way this is done may be of independent interest. The currently most interesting case $ t=2 $ can be based on the Boneh-Goh-Nissim cryptosystem. We show how to reduce the communication of virtually any existing oblivious transfer protocols by proposing a new related communication-efficient generic transformation from computationally-private information retrieval protocols to oblivious transfer protocols..

Keywords: Conditional disclosure of secrets, homomorphic encryption, oblivious transfer.



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