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IDEA: A Cipher for Muldimedia Architectures?

Helger Lipmaa. IDEA: A Cipher for Muldimedia Architectures? In Stafford Tavares and Henk Meijer, editors, Selected Areas in Cryptography '98, volume 1556 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 253--268, Kingston, Canada, August 17--18, 1998. Springer, Heidelberg.

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MMX is a new technology to accelerate multimedia applications on Pentium processors. We report an implementation of IDEA on a Pentium MMX that is $1.65$ times faster than any previously known implementation on the Pentium. By parallelizing four IDEA's we reach an unprecedented $78$ Mbits/s throughput per output block on a 166MHz MMX. In the light of rapidly increasing popularity of multimedia applications, causing more dedicated hardware to be built, and observing that most of the current block ciphers do not benefit from MMX, we raise the problem of designing block ciphers (and encryption modes) fully utilizing the basic operations of multimedia.

Keywords: Block ciphers, fast implementations, IDEA, multimedia architectures, Pentium MMX.


Comment: See also the practical counterpart of this paper (the library is commercially available)

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