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Comments to NIST Concerning AES-modes of Operations: CTR-mode Encryption

Helger Lipmaa, Phillip Rogaway and David Wagner. Comments to NIST Concerning AES-modes of Operations: CTR-mode Encryption. In Symmetric Key Block Cipher Modes of Operation Workshop, Baltimore, Maryland, USA, October 20, 2000.

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Counter-mode encryption (CTR mode) was introduced by Diffie and Hellman already in 1979 [5] and is already standardized by, for example, [1, Section 6.4]. It is indeed one of the best known modes that are not standardized in [10]. We suggest that NIST, in standardizing AES modes of operation, should include CTR-mode encryption as one possibility for the next reasons. First, CTR mode has significant efficiency advantages over the standard encryption modes without weakening the security. In particular its tight security has been proven. Second, most of the perceived disadvantages of CTR mode are not valid criticisms, but rather caused by the lack of knowledge..

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