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Linear Batch Codes

Helger Lipmaa and Vitaly Skachek. Linear Batch Codes. In Raquel Pinto and Paula Rocha, editors, ICMCTA 2014, volume ? of LNCS, pages ?--?, Palmela, Portugal, September 15--18, 2014. Springer, Heildeberg.

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In an application, where a client wants to obtain many symbols from a large database, it is often desirable to balance the load. Batch codes (introduced by Ishai et al. in STOC 2004) do exactly that: the large database is divided between many servers, so that the client has to only make a small number of queries to every server to obtain sufficient information to reconstruct all desired symbols. In this work, we formalize the study of linear batch codes. These codes, in par- ticular, are of potential use in distributed storage systems. We show that a generator matrix of a binary linear batch code is also a generator matrix of classical binary linear error-correcting code. This immediately yields that a variety of upper bounds, which were developed for error-correcting codes, are applicable also to binary linear batch codes. We also propose new methods for constructing large linear batch codes from the smaller ones..

Keywords: Batch codes, error-correcting codes, computationally-private information retrieval, load balancing, distributed storage.

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