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The Implementation of The Block Cipher SC2000 (III)

Masahiko Takenaka, Helger Lipmaa and Naoya Torii. The Implementation of The Block Cipher SC2000 (III). In ISEC Technical group meeting, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan, July 18--19, 2002. In Japanese.

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We show the latest implementation results of the block cipher SC2000, which are a software implementation on the IA-32 processors and a hardware implementation. In the software implementation, we introduce a new combination strategy of non-homogeneous S-box that is one of the characteristics of SC2000, and achieve the fast implementation of SC2000. In addition, we discuss the transition of the speed by the combination strategies of S-box. In the hardware implementation, we introduce a new architecture for fast implementation of SC2000 and show the results of our implementation. In particular, we improve the software encryption speed by 1.6 times as compared to the previous best implementation, and we achieve the speed of 1.4Gbps with the hardware of 26KGates.

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Comment: This paper is partially based on an English-language paper that was presented in ISC 2002. See here


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