ATI / Studies / MTAT.07.006 Research Seminar in Cryptography

MTAT.07.006 Research Seminar in Cryptography
(3+3 AP = 4.5+4.5 ECTS)

Autumn 2008: Various Topics in Cryptography


The seminar is scheduled to be once a week. During most of the seminars, either one or two students will present an about 60 minutes long presentation and a written survey of 5-6 pages on some subject, followed by short discussions, so that every seminar will take approximately 100 minutes.

Survey and presentation slides will be made available on the web. Every student also gets an opponent, who will given the survey before the presentation. The survey must be available to the opponent one week before the presentation and will also be available on the web. (The only possible exception is the first presenter.) The opponent has, for the presentation, to prepare a 2-2.5 page resumé (that should be made available to the presenter and to the responsible teacher two days before the presentation; the resumé will also be made available on the web), and lead discussions with the presenter. If necessary, the presenter must revise his or her survey, based on these remarks, within one week; the revised version will then be put on the web.

This year (2008) we have several possible supervisors. Supervisors will also help the students (both presenters and reviewers) with their work, and should make sure that students do their job in a timely manner.

Note: all written materials, including the slides, should be in English. Presentation should be in English too. (We have NordSecMob students who do not speak or understand Estonian.)

Graduation Requirements

To graduate, every student must submit his or her survey timely, give a good presentation, be able to answer to the discussions, and be a constructive and friendly opponent. (In particular, you need to propose a fair grade for the presenter.) The purpose of review and feedback is to improve the quality of the work. Grading will also based on the participation during discussion providing constructive feedback to others. Final grade will be proposed by your supervisor, and it will take into account the grade proposed by the reviewer.

Document formats

Both surveys and reviews are expected to be typeset in LaTeX, using the standard fonts and fontsizes. Please submit both the LaTeX source file and a .pdf version.

Presentations can be made by using either LaTeX, Powerpoint, or any standard open source alternatives. Please submit a .pdf version of the slides together with the source.

Please see the year 2003 seminar at TKK for example papers and reviews.