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MTAT.07.007 Graduate seminar in cryptography
(6*3 AP = 6*4.5 ECTS)

Spring 2006: Various Topics in Cryptography

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General Information


Focus for 2006: This seminar will not have a very concrete focus. Instead, we will look at recent developments in cryptography that should be in the curriculum (Crypto I/II) but are not "there yet". I generally assume that students have taken some course on cryptography.

Signing up for the seminar

Fastest way: use OIS. If you are not from your university (and thus do not have an account at OIS), or you were too late to register on OIS, then please send an email to the professor by 15 September 2005 with the following information (it is not mandatory, but useful in getting to know your background):

This additional information is not needed if you have participated in Lipmaa's seminars before. Still, please send an email unless you register by OIS.

Registered students (contact us or register in OIS if your name is not here): XXX.

Proposed Topics (Unordered)

For most of the topics, browse the corresponding section of Helger's Cryptopointers to find links to papers, surveys etc.

One topic proposed by Peeter Laud:

Three topics by Jan Willemson (descriptions in Estonian, you'll have to check with him if you want to choose any of those topics; the last two topics are from general data security):


Want to know something about subject? Browse the link collection at

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