Students supervised by Helger Lipmaa

Students from Tartu

Before I left to Finland in 2000, I was happily supervising a number of MSc and PhD students from Tartu:

(Note: a MSc student in Tartu has defended her/his BSc degree and is therefore not considered to be undergraduate anymore).

I am now again accepting students from Tartu!

Students from Helsinki

Until 31.03.2005, I worked at the Helsinki University of Technology. When leaving, I had three students working under me, Emilia Käsper (BSc 2004), Sven Laur (MSc 2003), and Johan Wallén (MSc 2003). Johan and Sven were PhD students. Emilia defended her BSc thesis in 2004. I also had some "industrial" PhD students (by some reason they were still working in industry): Tatiana Issaeva, Lauri Tarkkala, Alexey Vyskubov etc. Markku-Juhani O. Saarinen and Silja Mäki were previously associated with me.

Past Theses

  • Emilia Käsper (2006, MSc). She is currently at KU Leuven.


    While I worked at UCL, 2 students got their MSc under me, Philip Zhang and Ho Bae. In December 2008, Ho Bae won the best paper award at a competition run by the National Intelligence Service of the Republic of Korea. The topic was related to Private Information Retrieval.