Estonian – Finnish workshop on aerosol feedback in atmospheric models

Tartu, Estonia, 25 May 2012



Main focus:

How to apply the research potential of University of Tartu in cooperation with Finnish Meteorological Institute and Estonian Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology for introducing the aerosol feedback into  meteorological modelling practice during next 1 – 2 years.

Meeting venue

Institute of Physics, University of Tartu, Tähe str. 4 Tartu.


Start 12.00

Rein Rõõm: an advection scheme of a passive scalar for HIRLAM model.

Mikhail Sofiev: options of offline vs. online coupling of SILAM and HIRLAM to introduce the feedback mechanisms into meteorological modelling.

Discussion:  options and ways to introduce feedback into HIRLAM model. Possible approaches:

1.     based on advection scheme for HIRLAM;

2.     based on coupling HIRLAM with SILAM;

3.     based on EnviroHIRLAM by Danish Meteorological Institute;

4.     more approaches, some synthesis of 1. – 3.?

Conclusions, principal decision on direction we start to work on.

End 17.00

List of participants

Marko Kaasik, University of Tartu

Ardi Loot, University of Tartu

Andres Luhamaa, Estonian Institute of Meteoroilogy and hydrology & University of Tartu

Aarne Männik, Estonian Institute of Meteoroilogy and hydrology & University of Tartu

Marje Prank, Finnish Meteorological Institute

Riinu Ots, University of Tartu

Rein Rõõm, University of Tartu

Mikhail Sofiev, Finnish Meteorological Institute and University of Tartu

Julius Vira, Finnish Meteorological Institute

Marko Zirk, University of Tartu


Marko Kaasik, University of Tartu

Funded by MUSCATEN