Hello everybody,

I'm Härmel Nestra, a senior lecturer of Institute of Computer Science, University of Tartu.

During my career, I even have published some papers and written some theses (like MSc and PhD ones).

Here, I list the courses I have taught. The pages of the courses are almost all in Estonian.

Among these, semantics of programming languages and functional programming are the closest to my interests. I have also been interested in formal logic and term rewriting, even categories can be attractive for me. Currently I am doing some research work on program slicing theory. During spare time, I sometimes deal with number theory. This interest has grown out from my work in the jury of Estonian mathematical olympiads.

In spring 2003, I worked in Trier University (Germany) for half a year. During this time, I made a lot of pictures of Trier and its county. I have a special webpage for these pictures. The comments are in Estonian but the pictures are not, so just follow the links...

At the moment, the only more thing here which you can read in English is a text about millenniums (no longer very topical).

I hope that's enough at the moment :)


Eestikeelsesse indeksisse.