Dr. Gholamreza Anbarjafari
Associate Professor, PhD, MSc, BSc
iCV Group

Institute of Technology

University of Tartu



Work Experience






Research Activities



My research interests are mainly in the field of Digital image Processing which include:

Image and Video Super Resolution

Remote Sensing Image Enhancement

Video Illumination Compensation

3D Modelling and Visualization

Image Clustering

Medical Imaging

Face/Iris Recognition

3D Biometric Recognition


Image Compression

Embedded System: Bio-security

Machine Vision



On Media

UTTV : http://www.uttv.ee/naita?id=18656

Kibris Postasi: http://www.kibrispostasi.com/index.php/cat/49/news/124019/PageName/KULTUR_SANAT

Star Kibris Gazetesi: http://www.starkibris.net/index.asp?haberID=1620

Star Kibris Gazetesi: http://www.starkibris.net/index.asp?haberID=91119

Gaziantep27: http://gaziantep27.net/egitim-ogretim-uyesinden-tavsiyeler-385939.html



Supervisor, member, and one of the sponsors of Philosopher Robocup Team




Final Year Project/Thesis (UT):

Anastasia Bolotnikova, "Melioration of color calibration, goal detection and self-localization systems of NAO humanoid robots", Spring 2015

Rainer Keerdo, "Developing the behaviours for use in RoboCup 2015 based on rUNSWift architecture", Spring 2015

Sandra Demitševa,  "Gesture Based Computer Controlling Using Kinect Camera", Spring 2015

Sander Soo,  "THEIAVISION: Ultrasonic Glasses for People with Visual Impairment", Spring 2014

Kert Pjatkin, "Probability Distribution Function Based Iris Recognition System", Spring 2014

Andres Traumann, "Smile Detector Based on the Motion of Face Reference Points", Spring 2014



MSc Thesis:

Lauri Laur, "Entropy Based Robust Watermarking Algorithm", Spring 2015 [Co-supervising with Asst. Prof. Mary Agoyi]

Siim Sundla, "Semi-Automatic Deflection Measurement Using Digital Image Correlation", Spring 2015

Pejman Rasti, "Image Super Resolution using Fast Converging Iterative Interpolation and Back Projection", Fall 2014 [Co-supervising with Prof. Hasan Demirel]

Awwal Mohammed Rufai,"Hybrid Image Compression Techniques", Fall 2014 [Former Supervisor]


PhD Thesis:

Mary Iyabo Agoyi, "Chirp-Z Approach to Digital Watermarking", Spring 2014 [Co-supervising with Assoc. Prof. Erbug Celebi]




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