Round Optimal Blind Signatures

Dominique Schröder and Dominique Unruh.
2011. Merged into Round Optimal Blind Signatures by Schröder, Unruh, Garg, Rao, and Sahai, preprint on IACR ePrint 2011/264.


All known round optimal (i.e., two-move) blind signature schemes either need a common reference string, rely on random oracles, or assume the hardness of some interactive assumption. At Eurocrypt 2010, Fischlin and Schröder showed that a broad class of three-move blind signature scheme cannot be instantiated in the standard model based on any non-interactive assumption. This puts forward the question if round optimal blind signature schemes exist in the standard model. Here, we give a positive answer presenting the first round optimal blind signature scheme that is secure in the standard model without any setup assumptions. Our solution does not need interactive assumptions.

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