Protokollkomposition und Komplexität

Protokollkomposition und KomplexitätD. Unruh (Ausgezeichnete Informatikdissertationen 2006, 2007). In German.  [publisher's version | eprint]

Abstract: This is a short summary of the Ph.D. thesis Unruh, Protokollkomposition und Komplexität, 2007 published as part of the nomination process for the award offered by the German Society for Computer Science (Gesellschaft für Informatik) for the best German, Austrian and Swiss Ph.D. thesis.

Both this summary and the thesis are written in German. Wide parts of this thesis are covered by the English papers Hofheinz, Unruh, Comparing Two Notions of Simulatability, 2005, Hofheinz, Unruh, Simulatable Security and Polynomially Bounded Concurrent Composition, 2006 and Unruh, Relations among Statistical Security Notions - or - Why Exponential Adversaries are Unlimited, 2005.