FP2007 Seminar Topics

Materials are in the preferred order.

  • Concurrency in Haskell [Jaak R]
  • HaXml [Jevgeni V]
  • CAL and the Open Quark Framework [Rein R]
    • A Haskell-like language and environment for Java, includes visual IDE for functional composition.
    • Homepage
    • There is a lot of material that should be worked through, but not that much useful information. Difference from Haskell, visual design tool and integration with Java are of the most interest.
  • HaskellDB [Lauri T]
  • WASH
  • Scrap Your Boilerplate [Kalmer A]
  • Theorems for free!
    • Philip Wadler's well-known paper on deriving theorems from polymorphic functions
    • Original article
  • Deforestation
    • Another Philip Wadler's paper on removing intermediate data structures
    • Original paper