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Welcome To My Homepage (During My Studies at UT)

Karim Baghery defended his Ph.D. thesis, Reducing trust and improving security in zk-SNARKs and commitments on 13 August 2020, in Computer Science under supervision of Prof. Helger Lipmaa in Institute of Computer Science at University of Tartu.


This is the homepage of Karim Baghery during his Ph.D. studies at University of Tartu.

Cryptography Research Group:

The cryptography group at University of Tartu conducts research into areas such as Cryptographic protocol design (e-voting, privacy-preserving data mining, secure computation, ZK), Cryptographic protocol analysis, Symbolic cryptography, Quantum cryptography, Theory of cryptography.


ISSL is combination of two research groups of brilliant professors and graduate students in Cryptography and Information Theory. The director of the lab is Prof. Mohammad Reza Aref. The lab has located in the Electrical Engineering Department of Sharif University of Technology.


Information Theoritic Learning Systems Lab (ITLSL) is a group of researchers at Shahed University which have focused on learning systems based on information theoretic criteri such as Entropy (in different forms and definations), Mutual Information, and etc. A recent result from the grope is in following URL.