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I am trying to understand how vision works. I think that detection and recognition of patterns are the most essential in it.
There is much more information in the visible world than we are able or need to use. An important function of any visual system is to select relevant and ignore irrelevant aspects of the world. The mechanisms that mediate the selection are named “attention”. Many of my studies are in some way related to that. Another frequent keyword is “crowding” - deterioration of perception when several objects are located close to each other, usually in peripheral vision. Then, our visual system "selects" some kind of information too, and loses other.
My methods are psychophysical experiments and mathematical or computational modeling. Currently, I am trying some experiments with artificial neural networks too.

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 Bibliometrics: A curious bias in the measurement of scientific performance

Põder, E. (2010). Let’s correct that small mistake. Journal of the American Society for Information Science & Technology, 61(12), 2593-2594. Article
Põder, E. (2017). A framework for the measurement and prediction of an individual scientist’s performance. Trames, 21(1), 3-14. Article

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University of Tartu
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