Project "Syntactically analyzed and disambiguated text corpus"

financed by Ministry of Education and Research of Estonia  program "Estonian language and national culture"
Duration 2002 - 2003
Kaili Müürisep, PhD (computer science)
Kadri Muischnek, M.A. (general linguistics)
Heli Uibo, M.Sc. (computer science)
Heili Orav, M.A. (general linguistics)
Andriela Rääbis, M.A. (Estonian language)
Siiri Pärkson
Helen Nigol
Kadri Kerner
Birge Talve

Instructions for hand-annotators by K. Müürisep (in Estonian)
Hand-annotator's tool by K. Pirn (in Estonian)

1 - state of January 2003
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