30. Package of Assembler-programs (NASM) for course  "Programming in C and
Assembler"  (2015...).

29. Common converter from binary searching-tree to AVL-tree, and converter from
    arithmetical text expression to binary tree (2014).

28. The complement of Packages for practical classes for courses "Programming in 
    C Language" and "Algorithms and Data Structures", gcc and MASM32, that work is
    continuing now (2011...).

27. Machine code and assembler for a virtual machine and emulator for that machine
    C, 2011. Made for courses "Programming languages" and "Automatas, languages 
    and translators".

26. Package for practical classes for course "Programming in C Language"
    (string operations, working with files, pointers, extra fast sorting etc.), 
    gcc, 2007.

25. Program for experiments with the logical schemas of robots (written
    in C and C++, Windows-oriented), used in Boras University (Sweden) 
    and Tartu University  (Estonia); 2004 -- 2005.

24. Compilers compiler, 2001, 2004,Visual C++ 6.0,  Windows-environment,
    used in CS Department (MTAT.05.085, "Automaadid, keeled ja translaatorid");

23. Package for practical classes for course "Algorithms and Data Structures"
    (rome-arabian conventor, tree generator and manager, interpreter of arithmetical 
    expressions, string-operations, dynamic n-dimensional array for C language, 
    "a quasy Artifical Intelligence": dialog and answereres to questions, bit-sort,
    syntax-oriented scanner, ao.), Turbo C, 1999 - 2004.

22. Program for Logistics: the composing of truck loads, and sending them to the 
    rational routes with the restrictions of time, temperature, class, access,
    capacity, weight and loading, 2000, Visual C++ 6.0, with M. Tombak, used 
    in "Regio" inside of the KELA project;

21. Census of population (making the divisions, 1999, Visual C++ 6.0,
    with M. Tombak, used by "Regio" for the census of Estonian Respublic;

20. Compilers Compiler, 1998, Turbo C, used in Institute of CS (ICS) in 1999-2001;

19. System of the Common #SAT, 1998, GNU-C, used in ICS;

18. The computer of Dedekind's numbers, 1998, GNU-C, used in ICS;

17. Program for experiments with the logical schemas of robots (written
    in C), used in Boras University (Sweden) and Tartu University
    (Estonia); 1996;

16. Packet for testing of knowledges, 1995, Forth, used in Economic
    Department of UT

15. Packet for changing of geographical coordinats CHCOORD, 1994,
    C, used in "Regio" (with M. Tombak).

14. The system of making the tests, and analyze and use of the knowledges, 1993,
    Forth, used in the Department of Philosophy of UT;

13. Convertor of data of the MicroMumps into the standard of dBASE (with the
    generation of Data Description and carry of the keys), 1993,
    Forth, used in  Tartu Town Government;

12. "English--Estonian interactive dictionary" (Forth), 1992;

11. Data Base System "Modula-2Base", Forth, used in RAS "Areng"
    and in Phone-inforamation System of Tartu District government, 1991 - 92;

10. The Tool for making of Computer Manuals (Forth), 1991;

 9. Work in the group of making of the Translator from Modula-2 into Forth
    ( Forth ) - 1989 - 1990;

 8. The Model of Parallel Processes for the Language F-32 ( Forth ), 1990;

 7. The Input and Record Manipulating Tools for DBMS PAMA and the Report Generator
    (macroassembler OS/370), 1980 - 1990;

 6. Debugger and the others system macros for the OS/370 environment -
    used in the Computing Centre of the TU, 1980 - 1990;

 5. Maker of the Optional Parsing Tree for the CC "WIRTH" (authors M. Tombak and 
    A. Nigul, IBM asm. ) - 1979;

 4. The fast linker for Minsk-32 (with M. Tombak) - 1977;

 3. The DDL and DML for Report Generator VILLIS: languages and translators and programs for input
    and generation (assembler of Minsk-32) - used in several enterprises of Tartu and Estonia's
    government; 1971 - 1977;

 2. The main Program for computing of statistilical indexes for the system
    SODI (machine code of Razdan-3) - was used in the CS of Estonian Radio - 1971;

 1. The packet of processing of the regression and correlation analyzes, time series and
    prognosis for the computer Minsk-22 (in Malgol) - used about for 10 dissertations, and for
    prognstics for Ministry of Internal Affairs of ESSR, 1968 - 70.