Jaan Liira EE

Phd (Plant ecology)
MSc (Plant Ecology)
MSc (Biostatistics)

Associate proffessor
Department of Botany
Institute of Ecology and Earth Sciences
University of Tartu
Lai 40 / Ülikooli 17
University of Tartu
Tartu EE51005
e-mail: jaan.liira@ut.ee
Tel. +372-5240798
Fax. +372-7376222

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Research topics

Adaptive rural ecology
The role of spatio-temporal processes and habitat quality for biodiversity in human dominated landscapes
Functional ecology within the biodiversity
Functional adaptive reaction of species
Resilience of communities to disturbances
Spatio-temporal ecology in landscape
Ecology of edge communities
The importance of hierarchical interaction between functional guilds
Species' success in surrogate habitats, such as old parks, corridors and other linear habitats
The response of forest and woodland communities to anthropogenic disturbances
The multi-scale ecology of endangered species
The development of indicator for environmental monitoring

The Centre of Excellence: EcolChange blog
The plant-plant interactions as drivers of herbaceous plant evolution
The Centre of Excellence: FIBIR
BioDiversa: smallFOREST
ESF: AgriPopes
FP5: GreenVeins

Popular style: "Manor parks as refugia for forest plants"

Publications: ETIS

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