The root of the electronic book -- Drainage basin nutrient inputs and eutrophication: an integrated approach

The eBook is intended to be in two formats HTML and a PDF version Eutrophication.pdf, best viewd in Adobe Acrobat (Reader). Hyperlinks might not work in other pdf viewers. Navigation of the html version is quite intuitive, the menu at the left side gives quick jumps to subjects, in the right frame the text and images follow. Use the arrows to linearly go through the hierarchy of the book.

Note that pdf is the main format of the electronic book, HTML is rather an auxiliary addition, a bit lagging behind at the moment. I hope to update it during the dark days of the early winter.

A note to users: giving presentations, separate figures of the eBook might be of use. is a compressed file (still 17 MB!) with all the figures used in the eBook.

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Kalle Olli
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