Lotman Collection. I.

This volume is dedicated to the memory of Yu. M. Lotman.

Tartu University: Department of Russian Literature, Department of Semiotics.
Russian State University of the Humanities: Institute of Higher Research in the Humanities.
Editor and compiler: E. V. Permyakov.
Moscow: Iz-Garant, 1995, 734 p.

ISBN: 5-900241-44-0
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Double portrait.
Letters on Karamzin (Publ., intro. notes and commentary by B. F. Egorov).
Stone and grass.
A. S. Pushkin. Biography of the writer: Foreword to the Polish edition.
The "Lermontov Encyclopedia" and the problems of constructing personal literary encyclopedias.


V. A. Uspenksii. Walks with Lotman and the secondary modeling.
L. M. Lotman. My recollections of my brother, Yuri Mikhailovich Lotman. Childhood and youth.
S. M. Daniel. From the memoirs of a former correspondence student.
V. A. Kamenskaya. On Yuri Mikhailovich Lotman - from the bottom up.
"In all the study of Lotman..." (From letters and works of Ya. I. Gin.) Publ. S. M. Loiter.

M. B. Plyukhanova. Yu. M. Lotman's research on Old Russian literature and the 18th century.
M. L. Gasparov.
Yu. M. Lotman's "Analysis of the poetic text": 1960 - 1990.
R. Lakhman. Estimative aspects of Yuri Lotmanžs semiotics of culture/semiotics of the text.
M. Yu. Lotman. Beyond the text: notes on the philosophical background of Tartu semiotics (first essay).
P. Torop. The Tartu school as a school.
P. Grzhibek. Bakhtinian semiotics and the Moscow-Tartu school.
O. A. Sedakova. "Eternal dreems, as blood samples...": On Yuri Mikhailovich Lotman and the structural school in the context of the culture of the '70s.
G. S. Knabe. Sign. Truth. Circle. (Yu. M. Lotman and the problem of the postmodern).
V. S. Bibler. Yu. M. Lotman and the future of philology.
I. P. Smirnov. The unknown soldier.
M. De Michiel. On perceptions of the work of Yu. M. Lotman in Italy.

M. I. Lekomtseva. Metaphor and metonymy in "Eulogy to Cyril-Philosopher" of Kliment Okhridskii.
D. S. Likhachev. "Slovo o polku Igoreve" and the custom of ambassadorial negotiations in Old Russia.
E. N. Gracheva. Representations of the childhood of the poet in biographical material of the end of the 18th and beginning of the 19th centuries.
B. A. Uspenskii. The language of Derzhavin (on the 250th anniversary of his birth).
O. A. Proskurin. Name in "Arzamas" (Materials for a history of parodic anthroponymy.)
I. A. Pil'shchikov. Delille's "Les Jardins" in Voeikov's translation and Baratynskii's "Memoirs".
V. E. Vatsuro. Pushkin and Dante.
T. M. Nikolaeva. "Dreams" of Pushkin's heroes and the dream of Svyatoslav Vsevolodovich.
A. V. Vostrikov. Specificity of the conflict of Pushkin's tale "The Shot" in connection with the spatial-temporal organization of the text.
Vyach. Vs. Ivanov. Research on archaism in Pushkin's "Monument".
V. N. Toporov. On the dynamic context of three-dimensional works of fine art (a semiotic view): The Falconet's monument to Peter I.
E. V. Permyakov. On the origin of the "Notebooks" of P. A. Vyazemskii.
A. L. Ospovat. Discussions of the 1830s on the Russian capital.
V. Yu. Proskurina. From Athens to Jerusalem (The cultural status of antiquity in the 1830s and beginning of the 1840s).
V. Strada. Moscow - St. Petersburg - Moscow.
R. G. Leibov. Tyutchev's unnoticed cycle.
L. P. Novinskaya, P. A. Rudnev. From observations on the poetry of F. I. Tyutchev: Metrical rarities.
M. O. Chudakova. Pushkin and Bulgakov and the "temptation of the classics".
A. K. Zholkovskii. On Smerdyakov (The problem of "Bulgakov and Dostoevsky").
A. S. Nemzer. Karamzin - Pushkin: Notes on Yu. N. Tynyanov's novel.
G. A. Levinton. Remizovian subtext in "Fourth prose".
T. V. Tsiv'yan. On the metapoetic in "Poem without a hero".
O. G. Revzina. Number and quantity in the poetic language and poetic world of M. Tvetaeva.
E. V. Paducheva. Toward a definition of linguistic parameters of non-personal direct speech.
E. S. Novik. Pragmatic aspect of magical rites.
S. Yu. Neklyudov. The "text - denotation" relation and the problem of trueness in narrative traditions.
A. K. Baiburin. "Unleashing of the mind".
A. F. Belousov. Reminiscences of Igor' Mal'skii: "The distorting mirror of reality": the question of the origin of "sadistic verses".
M. F. Grishakova. Ancient Greece as utopia.

De vita memoriae. (N. V. Braginskaya).
O. M. Freidenberg. Studies on the semantics of literary forms.
O. M. Freidenberg. Palliata. Chapter 21.
N. V. Braginskaya. Song of the horizon.

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