A picture of Vesal

Vesal Vojdani

Institute of Computer Science
University of Tartu

Address: Liivi 2, 50409 Tartu, Estonia
Room: 426 (my calendar)
Phone: +372 737 5443
E-mail: vesal@ut.ee

I'm an associate professor at the Chair of Programming Languages and Systems at the University of Tartu where I have privilege of currently heading our University's much-esteemed Laboratory for Software Science. I do feel distincly underqualified to lead research on possibly the most important field at the core of computer science. My goal is to spread the use of high-assurance software development, both by teaching formal methods and by contributing to the research on sound program analysis.

Together with Kalmer Apinis, I created the Goblint static analysis framework. I worked on Goblint for my doctoral dissertation and as a post-doc at the Dept. of Informatics, TU Munich. Our focus now is on the usability of sound static analysis, allowing formal methods to be used without specialist training.

My publications can be accessed from this page.


My views on teaching are largely influenced by Hal Abelson. Just learning to code is not enough; we need to teach students that programs have meaning! I teach the following meaningful courses:

Last Update: February 4, 2022.