Programm/ Program

Reede/ Friday, 27.04

13:00 Lõunasöök/ Lunch
14:00-18:45 Ettekanded/ Talks
14:00 Opening
14:30 Jenő Szigeti, Which selfmaps appear as lattice endomorphisms?
15:00 Jouni Järvinen, Nelson algebras of rough sets
16:00 Janis Cirulis, Orthonearsemilattices: examples and some structure theorems
16:30 Break
17:00 Tatjana Tamberg, Some classes of finite 2-groups and their endomorphism semigroups
17:45 Peeter Puusemp (sen.), On endomorphisms and endomorphism semigroups of semigroups
19:00 Õhtusöök/ Dinner
19:30 Ümarlaud/ Round table
Laupäev/ Saturday, 28.04
8:00 Hommikusöök/ Breakfast
9:00-13:00 Ettekanded/ Talks
9:00 Wen-Fong Ke, Number of solutions of some diagonal equations over finite fields
10:00 Gerhard Wendt, 0-primitive near-rings
10:30 Break
11:00 Kateryna Pavlyk, On topologization of generalized Bruck-Reilly extensions
12:00 Reyna Maria Perez-Tiscareno, On topological LF-algebras
12:30 Paul Tammo, Closed maximal ideals in topological algebras
13:00 Lõunasöök/ Lunch
14:00-16:00 Ettekanded/ Talks
14:00 Nasir Sohail, The Zigzag Theorem for pomonoids
15:00 Lauri Tart, On Morita equivalence of posemigroups
15:30 Valdis Laan, Congruences of strongly Morita equivalent posemigroups
16:00-20:00 Vaba aeg/ Free time
20:00 Õhtusöök/ Dinner
Pühapäev/ Sunday, 29.04
8:00 Hommikusöök/ Breakfast
9:00-12:00 Ettekanded/ Talks
9:00 Tarmo Uustalu, Composing directed containers: distributive law based composition of monoid-like comonads is like Zappa-Szép product
10:00 Pasha Zusmanovich, On Shirshov bases of graded algebras
10:30 Break
11:00 Nebojša Mudrinski, Congruence uniform Mal'cev algebras and expanded quasigroups
11:30 Oleg Košik, Some categorical equivalences of algebras
12:00 Closing 12:15 Lõunasöök/ Lunch

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