Dear Colleagues,

This year the workshop

"Algebra and its applications"

will take place on April 27-29, 2012, at Sokka, Estonia. The website of the workshop is at .

All participants will have an opportunity to present a 25-minutes talk or a 50-minutes talk. Those who wish to give a talk are asked to send us the abstract prepared using the template file which can be found here. The deadline for abstract submission is April 15. For a presentation, it is possible to use a laptop computer with a projector, or a whiteboard.

The workshop will take place at the Sokka Holiday Resort ( in South-Estonia near Otepää, about 50 km to the South of Tartu. The event starts in Friday afternoon and ends at Sunday noon. The transportation between Tartu and Sokka is arranged by the organizers.

The deadline for registration is April 8. If you wish to participate but you haven't registered yet, please fill in the registration form below and send it to vlaan at ut ee . For further information please contact vlaan at ut ee or kaarli at ut ee .

Kalle Kaarli
Valdis Laan



Do you wish to give a talk? If yes, would you prefer a 25- or 50-minutes talk?

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