Estonian and Latvian Computer Scientists - Ordered by Citations

Estonian and Latvian Computer Scientists - Ordered by Citations

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Disclaimer 2. Do not take those numbers too seriously without actually studying how Google collects the citations. Moreover, bear in mind that citations differ significantly in subfields of computer science, with practical areas getting a bulk of the citations. Also, for some of the authors, a majority of citations comes from authored textbooks, or even worse, from self-citations. Thus, be careful.

Note: "cites per #authors" divides the number of citations each paper has got by the number of authors it has. This increases fairness in interdisciplinary comparisons (e.g., papers in biology have 20+ coauthors and thousands of citations, papers in mathematics have 1 author and tens of citations). We note that this parameter is not perfect, since Google Scholar omits some authors in their page, but the same is also true in say the "Publish and Perish" program.

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Greyed out persons do only partially belong to this table (for various reasons), or they have namesakes that contribute to majority of their citations.
NameInstitutionCites per #authorsCitesH-IndexGoogle citationsBirthdayThesis
1.Marlon DumasUT.ATI8726 ( 34%)258287025927xx.08.1975TEMPOS%3a A Platform for Developing Temporal Applications on Top of Object DBMS (Grenoble, 2000)
2.Jaak ViloUT.ATI3695 ( 29%)125664012576xx.11.1966Pattern Discovery from Biosequences (Finland.Helsinki U, 2002)
3.Helger LipmaaUT.ATI2169 ( 56%)3904303901xx.04.1972Secure and Efficient Time-Stamping Systems (U. of Tartu, 1999)
4.Sherif SakrUT.ATI1227 ( 42%)2941293192
5.Dietmar PfahlUT.ATI1216 ( 38%)3175273096xx.01.1963An Integrated Approach to Simulation Based Learning in Support of Strategic and Project Management in Software Organisations (Germany.Kaiserslautern, 2001)
6.Raul VicenteUT.ATI1174 ( 31%)3831303438
7.Dominique UnruhUT.ATI1125 ( 56%)2007251920xx.03.1979Protokollkomposition und Komplexitt (Germany.Karlsruhe, 2007)
Mark FishelUT.ATI880 (1.8e+2%)487
8.Sven LaurUT.ATI712 ( 34%)2123170xx.03.1979Cryptographic Protocol Design (Finland.Aalto, 2008)
9.Satish Narayana SriramaUT.ATI670 ( 39%)1738242341xx.08.1978
10.Fabrizio Maria MaggiUT.ATI645 ( 36%)1807240
11.Raimundas MatuleviciusUT.ATI564 ( 41%)1361181508xx.03.1976
12.Varmo VeneUT.ATI482 ( 46%)1043201042xx.??.1968Categorical Programming with Inductive and Coinductive Types (Tartu, 2000)
13.Hedi PetersonUT.ATI480 ( 26%)1844141838
14.Peep KngasUT.ATI393 ( 42%)937131069Ca. 1978Distributed Agent-Based Web Service Selection, Composition and Analysis through Partial Deduction (Norway.NTNU, 2006)
15.Meelis KullUT.ATI358 ( 31%)1169111172xx.02.1980
16.Balaji RajashekarUT.ATI357 ( 25%)1441141472
17.Irina BocharovaUT.ATI339 ( 42%)806150
18.Vitaly SkachekUT.ATI330 ( 51%)65313649Ca. 1973
19.Jaan AruUT.ATI293 ( 28%)1032141043
20.Priit AdlerUT.ATI292 ( 27%)1092111092
21.Ibrahim GomaaUT.ATI273 (1.0e+3%)27
22.Eero VainikkoUT.ATI231 ( 36%)63311659Ca. 1963Robust Additive Schwarz Methods - Parallel Implementations and Applications (Bergen, 1997)
23.Piret LuikUT.ATI224 ( 43%)52311711
24.Konstantin TretyakovUT.ATI213 ( 67%)3175318
25.Dirk TheisUT.ATI212 ( 36%)58811598
26.Michal ZajacUT.ATI153 (1.4e+2%)112
Ulrich NorbisrathUT.ATI130 ( 38%)33811366
27.Pelle JakovitsUT.ATI109 ( 37%)2948295
28.Kaili MüürisepUT.ATI96 ( 48%)2009260
29.Erkki LuukUT.ATI80 ( 78%)1025102
30.Eno TnissonUT.ATI76 ( 39%)1978201
31.Vesal VojdaniUT.ATI71 ( 39%)1848184
32.Andriela RääbisUT.ATI68 ( 39%)17580
33.Kairit SirtsUT.ATI66 ( 36%)1846184
34.Reimo PalmUT.ATI63 ( 47%)13570
35.Kadri ViderUT.ATI62 ( 38%)1648166
36.Rein PrankUT.ATI62 ( 59%)1056124
37.Tiina PuolakainenUT.ATI58 ( 57%)10360
38.Siim KarusUT.ATI57 ( 51%)11150
39.Sten IlmjrvUT.ATI57 ( 28%)20260
40.Neeme KahuskUT.ATI53 ( 36%)1486146
41.Ehsan EbrahimiUT.ATI52 ( 37%)1397130
42.Benson MuiteUT.ATI47 ( 38%)1246172
43.Oleg BatrashevUT.ATI43 ( 34%)12940
44.Behzad AbdolmalekiUT.ATI37 ( 34%)1097109
45.Karim BagheryUT.ATI35 ( 33%)1047104
46.Yangjia LiUT.ATI32 ( 28%)11260
47.Härmel NestraUT.ATI30 ( 91%)3340xx.03.1974
48.Kalmer ApinisUT.ATI24 ( 32%)76576
49.Radwa El ShawiUT.ATI19 ( 27%)7240
50.Amnir HadachiUT.ATI17 ( 37%)45345
51.Maarika TraatUT.ATI12 ( 41%)2930
52.Janno SiimUT.ATI11 ( 49%)22322
53.Ivo KubjasUT.ATI11 (1.2e+2%)9
54.Eldho K. ThomasUT.ATI10 ( 40%)25329
55.Jri KihoUT.ATI10 ( 73%)132
56.Tõnu TammeUT.ATI9 ( 32%)28331
57.Hannu KikkasUT.ATI8 ( 25%)3210
58.Ain IsotammUT.ATI7 ( 33%)2110
Elena SügisUT.ATI6 ( 21%)272109
59.Vootele RõtovUT.ATI3 ( 25%)1110
60.Kristjan KripsUT.ATI0000
61.Mario Ezequiel ScottUT.ATI000