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MTAT.07.014 Cryptographic Protocols (6 EAP)

Autumn/Fall 2012

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This is a second course on cryptography. Compared to the first course (Cryptology I), it will focus more on purely cryptographic protocols, mostly assuming the existence of primitives (but if the primitives are really needed then we also define and study them). We will study how to formally define primitives, how to reduce one primitive to another one and how to construct complicated cryptographic protocols from existing primitives. The course has no textbook as such, but consulting the materials, listed below, can be very useful.

NB! This homepage is being updated. Please check back during the week of Sep 3. The current version still largely corresponds to the course of 2011.

General Information

  • Lectures by Helger Lipmaa.
  • Practice session by Prastudy Fauzi
    • Practice Session homepage by Bingsheng Zhang (2011)
    • This year: by Prastudy Fauzi New
    • Time/location:
      • Lecture: Mon 12.15-14.00 (room 612)
      • Lab: Thu 10.15-12.00 (room 512)
    • Course material (recommended only):
      And the papers cited on slides. NB: most of the course material is however not available in books
    • In order to pass the course one has to (not fixed yet, it may change)
      • complete (in a timely manner) 5 of the 10 tutorials
      • pass the exam (with a grade greater than 0)
    • News about this course: subscribe to mailing list teadus.crypto at
    • First exam: Not fixed yet
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    Required Courses

    • Cryptology I
    • ... and whatever Cryptology I requires as a prerequisite

    (If you want to attend without taking Cryptology I, let me know --- I might be agreeable)

    Recommended courses: Algebra, Number Theory.

    Lecture Plan

    The next list is preliminary! Future topics might change at whim.
    -03.09.2011Cancelled! (No lecture)
    324.09.2011MH Protocols. Security
    401.10.2011Additively Homomorphic Encryption
    615.10.2011(Oblivious transfer?)

    Lecture Notes

    Slides in English.

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    Home Assignments

    Other Interesting Stuff

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