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COMPGA04 Crypto II

Spring 2008:

General Information

Course syllabus

Security Definitions, Proven Security, Random Oracle, Standard Reduction, Models, Chosen Text Attack, Non-Malleability, Diffie-Hellman Assumptions, Universal Hash Functions, Universal One-Way Hash Functions, Cramer-Shoup encryption, Block Ciphers (Luby-Rackoff), Pseudo-Random Generators, Pseudo-Random Functions (Naor-Reingold), Proven Secure Digital Signatures, Oblivious Transfer, Secure Multiparty Computation, Proven Secure Modes of Encryption/Authentication, Post-Quantum Cryptography


  1. slides --- lectures 1--5

Time table

This schedule is preliminary, and the contents of the future lectures can change dramatically. We follow the syllabus, but the order of the lectures is not fixed. It may also happen that we have to cancel some of the lectures, this will mean that all lectures will be postponed by one. (There is sufficient time at the end of February for that.)
Jan 09, 3 hours Introduction. Modern cryptography. Security definitions for secret-key cryptosystems. Provable security. Reductions.
Jan 11, 3 hours Public-key cryptosystems: security definitions. (Decisional) Diffie-Hellman assumptions. ElGamal: definition, security proof.
Jan 16, 3 hours Pseudo-random number generators, functions, permutations: basics. Provably secure modes of encryption: counter mode, CBC. Security proofs.
Jan 18, 2 hours How to construct basics: PRP to PRF, PRF to PRP (Luby-Rackoff). + ???
Jan 23, 3 hours MACs
Feb 13, 3 hours IND-CCA secure private-key encryption
Feb 15, 3 hours IND-CCA secure public-key encryption. Cramer-Shoup cryptosystem: background, Kurosawa-Desmedt cryptosystem.
Feb 20, 3 hours Public-key cryptosystems secure in the random oracle model. Signature schemes
Feb 22, 3 hours Homomorphic cryptography. Paillier, Damgaard-Jurik. Commitment schemes
Feb 27, 3 hours Oblivious transfer. Secure two-party computation
Feb 29, 2 hours Secret sharing. Multi-party computation.


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Modern Cryptography --- lecture notes by Bellare, Rogaway

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