Related sites

  • Let's Dance This site presents a language for modelling service interactions from a global viewpoint. Let's Dance was designed with the aim of supporting the Service Interaction Patterns and providing a high-level notation for stakeholders engaged in the initial phases of service analysis and design.
  • Workflow Patterns: This site presents a collection of patterns related to modelling control-flow aspects of workflow-oriented business processes.
  • BABEL: The site of a research project at Queensland University of Technology which, among others, has extended the patterns described in the Workflow Patterns site to deal with data manipulation and resource allocation in workflow applications.
  • Enterprise Integration Patterns: The companion web site of the book "Enterprise Integration Patterns" by Gregor Hohpe et al. This site summarises a collection of messaging-based application integration patterns documented in the book.
  • Another collection of SOA patterns
  • This site documents a comprehensive set of data models for describing services in terms of both functional and non-functional properties.
  • The site of the "Gardens Point Service Language" (GPSL), a programming language for web service development based on an event-driven paradigm. GPSL provides direct support for XML messaging, concurrency, and correlation and compiles into the .Net platform.
  • Workflow Research: Discussion site animated by Michael zur Muehlen, covering issues related to business process modelling and automation and the relation between business processes and web services.
  • ebPML: Site maintained by Jean-Jacques Dubray, focusing on issues at the intersection of business process management and service-oriented architectures.
  • VitaLab: Site of the Vienna Internet Technologies Advanced Research Lab, showcasing various research and prototype development projects in the area of Service-Oriented Computing at Technical University, Vienna.
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