Tissue regeneration group

University of TartuInstitute of Molecular and Cell Biology


Viljar Jaks Mariliis Klaas Kristina Mäemets-Allas
Viljar Jaks, MD, PhD
Senior reserach fellow
Contact: Riia 23b-220
 Phone +372 737 4096 viljar.jaks@ut.ee
Mariliis Klaas, PhD
Kristina Mäemets-Allas, PhD

Mikk Tooming MSc student
Jekaterina Krasohhina BSc student

Our resarch interests:

* Regenerative biology - the role of progenitor cells in liver regeneration

* Extracellular matrix - the role of ECM in modulating the activity of stem and differentiated cells during organ regeneration.

* Stem cell niche - the composition and fucntions of immediate microenvirinment surrounding stem/progenitro cells.

* Tissue engineering - generation of miniature artificial organs for research and applied purposes

* Immunology - the role of immune cells in tissue regeneration


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