Curriculum Vitae

     May 1968: born in Tartu, Estonia;
     1975-1986: Tartu Secondary School No. 10 (or MRG, nowadays);
     1987-1989: soldier in Soviet Army;
     1986-1993: undergraduate studies at the University of Tartu
              1992: B. Sc., biology;
              1993: M. Sc., zoology.
     1994-1997: postgraduate studies at the University of Turku, Finland (see lab) ;
              1997: Ph. D., animal ecology.
     1998-2005: researcher at the Institute of Zoology and Botany,
              Estonian Agricultural University;
     1999-2005 associate professor of animal ecology
                 at the University of Tartu;
             Feb.-Nov. 2000: visiting scientist (Fulbright scholar) at the
                   University of Maryland (see lab), USA.
     since Sept 2005: professor of zoology at the University of Tartu (see Chair of zoology);

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