Spatial Data Studio

General info

LTOM.02.011 Spatial Data Studio: The course teaches you how to handle spatial (big) data and provides basic knowledge in spatial analysis methods. The course has hands-on approach. Course is organized by the Department of Geography at the University of Tartu.

Lecturers: PhD Evelyn Uuemaa & PhD Alexander Kmoch & MSc Bruno Montibeller

License and terms of usage

We used several parts of FOSS4G GeoAcademy Curriculum materials, under CC-BY-SA from. However, some part have been taken also from other sourses (e.g. Penn State’s online geospatial education programs) and citation. Large parts are also our own original materials. If you use the materials then we wish that you would also share your materials openly that everyone could benefit from you work, in a similar manner as we provide these materials for you.

In consequence, we also share our revised materials under CC-BY-SA