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Methods of Cryptography: "Interplay between Cryptography and Game Theory"

Lecturer: Helger Lipmaa

General Information


  1. Feb 7. Lecture 1. Introduction. Covered: introduction to game theory and interplay between two areas. (Helger Lipmaa) [slides: pdf (46K)]
  2. Feb 14. Lecture 2. Analysis of the [Dodis, Halevi, Rabin] paper. What is their goal and how is cryptography used to solve it? (Helger Lipmaa) [slides: pdf (71K)]
  3. Feb 21. Lecture 3. Auctions: game theory and cryptography, based on the papers by Varin and [Naor, Pinkas, Sumner] (Mika Kojo) [slides: pdf (56K)]
  4. Feb 28. Lecture 4. More serious introduction to game theory, based on two first chapters of [Osborne, Rubinstein] (Silja Mäki) [slides: ps.gz (36K)]
  5. Mar 7, 14, 21. No lectures. Independent homereading of [Osborne, Rubinstein]
  6. Mar 28. Lecture 5. Presentations by Matthias Fischmann and Johan Wallén.
    1. The Core. (Johan Wallén) [slides: pdf (41K)]
  7. Apr 4. No lectures.
  8. Apr 11. Implementation theory. (Johan Wallén) slides: pdf (98K)]
  9. Apr 18.
  10. Apr 25. Presentation by Mika Kojo.
  11. May 2. No lectures
  12. May 22. Overview of the paper "Repetated Games Played by Cryptographically Sophisticated Players" by Olivier Gossner. Presentation by Silja Mäki. slides: pdf

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