Cryptology I

Lecture spring 2018

Instructor Dominique Unruh <<surname> at ut dot ee>
Teaching assistant
Tore Vincent Carstens <<firstname dot thirdname at gmx dot de>
Lecture Period Feb 15 - Wed 30
Lectures Wednesday, 12:15-13:45, room 218 (Paabel) (Unruh; may sometimes be switched with practice)
Practice sessions
Wednesday, 16:15-17:45, room 220 (Paabel) (Unruh/Carstens)
Course Material Lecture notes, blackboard photos (of practice), and exam study guide.
Language English
Mailing list
Contact Dominique Unruh <<surname> at ut dot ee>

Topics covered

2018-02-14 (lecture)Historical ciphers.[video]
2018-02-14b (lecture)Perfect secrecy. One-time pad. Security and limitations of OTP.[video]
2018-02-21 (lecture)Stream ciphers (ctd.). IND-OT-CPA security. Pseudo-random generators (PRG). Security proof for G(k)⊕m encryption scheme.[video]
2018-02-21 (practice)Breaking a substitution cipher. Malleability of one-time-pad (bank transfer).


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The course "Cryptology I" introduces the basics of cryptography. After discussing historic ciphers and their weaknesses, we introduce modern cryptographic primitives such as encryption and signature schemes, hash functions, one-way functions etc. We explain how the security of cryptographic schemes is defined and proven. We study advanced cryptographic schemes such as zero-knowledge proofs and secure function evaluation.


"Elements of Discrete Mathematics" or some comparable mathematical foundations.


The following reading supplements this lecture (optional!)

Lindell and Katz, Introduction to Modern Cryptography, Chapman & Hall, 2007.
Materials from the course "Topics of Mathematics in Cryptology" (especially the chapter on probability and the one on modular arithmetic).